Heather Forsyth, PsyD, LP is a licensed Clinical Psychologist in Minnesota (MN).   Her practice focuses on pediatric developmental and behavioral disorders.

Dr. Heather conducts psychological and developmental assessments with children starting in early childhood through adolescence. If you are unsure about your child's development, an early evaluation is recommended as many conditions respond best to treatment when started at a young age.

Following the assessment, Dr. Heather works with parents to ensure a clear understanding of the diagnosis, recommendations, and evidence based interventions.

Dr. Heather also conducts parent guidance counseling and individual therapy. She utilizes a strength-based approach that nurtures each child's unique needs and facilitates necessary skill development. She works closely with parents and caregivers to comprehensively address developmental, emotional, behavioral and relational factors in interventions.


Dr. Heather Forsyth, PsyD, LP